WNS Oil City Photo Diary By Ryan Loewy

Tadd Labozzetta – Wallride Topsoul

Ryan Loewy attended the weekly Wednesday night skate session at Oil City skatepark yesterday and caught some amazing trick photos, lifestyle photos, and portraits for his New York Rollers series. Check out the photos from last night featuring Tadd Labozzetta, Chris DeJesus, Anddy Feliciano, Sean Grossman, Austin Sullivan, Phil Weaver and many more. See more of Ryan’s work at ryanloewy.com.

Chris DeJesus – Sweatstance

Chris DeJesus

Anddy Feleciano – BS Torque

Anddy Feleciano

Sean Grossman – Stale Grab

Austin Sullivan

New joints

Tadd Labozzetta – Backslide

Big Neil

Chris DeJesus – Tru Top Acid

Christie Toledo – Fishbrain

Phil Weaver – Pudslide

Sara Pinela

Sam DeAngelis – BS Torque

Sean Grossman – BS Savannah

Old school and the new school

Francisco Herrera

Phil Weaver – Negatice Citric Top Acid

Sean Grossman – Fish stall

Tim DeJesus


Ulises Hidalgo

Ulises Hidalgo – Top Mistrial

Tadd Labozzetta – Wallride

Tadd Labozzetta

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