Cozmik Memorial Session 2014

Brian Keohane – TTS. First Place at Cozmik’s Memorial Session.

On September 12, 2014 New York City bladers arrived at Pier 25 skate plaza to celebrate Brian “Cozmik” Scott’s birthday. Local blader Jordan Baez organized the day’s session and contest in Brian’s honor. We spent the early afternoon skating the plaza and kicking off the contest, then made our way to street spots, ending the session / competition at the L.E.S. skatepark where Brian Keohane came out victorious. Followed by Eddie Chung taking 2nd place and Terrence Henrey taking 3rd. Photos from the session can be seen below featuring the top 3 winners of the competition as well as James Perez, Sebastian Michalski, Arismendy Canela, Chris DeJesus, and Jordan Baez. A big thanks to Roller Warehouse for sponsoring the session.

Eddie Chung – Back Royale

Terrence Henry – BS Unity

Chris DeJesus – BS Savannah

Chris DeJesus – AO Top Porn

Brian Keohane – Royale to AO cross grab fishbrain

Eddie Chung – Tru Mistrial

Chris DeJesus – AO Fishbrain

Terrence Henry – BS Torque to Soul

Arismendy Canela – BS Torque

Sebastian Michalski – Gap over ledge to top acid

Brian Keohane – Darkslide TTS

Eddie Chung – 360

Jordan Baez – Fishbrain

Jordan Baez – Fishbrain from flat

James Perez – Fishbrain from flat

James Perez – Torque Soul from flat

Sebastain Michalski – AO Topsoul from flat

James Perez – Topsoul from flat

Eddie Chung – Toe Roll

Sebastian Michalski – Safety 540

Arismendy Canela – Tru Top Soyale

Chris DeJesus – Sweatstance

Brian Keohane and his prizes provided by Roller Warehouse.

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