Sebastian Michalski I Roll NY Online Profile

“Sebastian is always on time. He always has wax. He never complains about a spot and never snakes. He never boasts or asks for his clips, but thanks you for filming. He always buys from skate shops and always orders a t-shirt / video. He skates hard regardless of there being a camera present or not. He just blades. He wears blade shirts when he’s not skating. He has 100 pairs of AMall socks. Sebastian is always hyped to blade. He never looks for sponsors or expects free shit. He doesn’t care who you are or how good you can blade, he’s just glad to be with good company. Born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living in Staten Island, I Roll NY is pleased to present Sebastian Michalski’s first ever profile. Thanks for watching” – Dave Ngo.

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4 Responses to “Sebastian Michalski I Roll NY Online Profile”

  1. Damian Michalski Says:

    Forgot to tag me . I was special Guest. This was a banging edit. Sebastian has grown some amazing talented ball sacks.

  2. dullbladesharpcuts Says:

    Damien you look like grown white thug

  3. Yanis Says:

    I watched this over and over back to back at least five times. GREAT shit Seba!! Love ya bro! And Craig, GREAT work and a spot on intro for Seba. You couldn’t say those things unless you actually KNEW Seba or at LEAST skated with him. =). Shouts out to my NY peeps!

  4. Staten Islander News Says:

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