March Ledge Madness Crowd Photos

Check out all the crowd photos from March Ledge Madness. Congratulations to first place winner Hector Rodriguez, second place winner and best trick winner James Perez, and third place winner Eddie Chung. Thank you to all the sponsors for the prizes. Repost your photo on instagram with #irollny and mention @irollny for a follow!

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4 Responses to “March Ledge Madness Crowd Photos”

  1. rap Says:

    why the need to copy skateboarding with the supreme-esque logo?

  2. I Roll NY Says:

    Because I’m a faggot fruit booter and my whole life revolves around trying to be as cool as skateboarders, but I never will.

  3. scott Says:

    best answer ever^

  4. rap Says:

    you can fuck my bitch anytime you want irollny

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