Be-Mag X I Roll NY: 1 Minute 1 Spot with James Perez

“When James told me that he was selected to be apart of Be-Mag’s One Minute One Spot series, I knew we had to pick a place that had a lot to offer. We decided to go to John Dewey High School, home of the New York City IMYTA competitions. Dewey is a forgotten staple in the NYC scene due to it’s far away location and constant security around the area, but if you can skate it, it’s a great place for creating various lines. We managed to go on a dreary Sunday morning and got enough clips to create an edit for Be-Mag. James is a talented blader who constantly progress and pushes himself on a daily basis. I’m glad I was able to help him in this opportunity provided by Be-Mag and hope this help him gets the recognition and respect he deserves.” – Craig B. Filmed by Steven Perez and Craig B. Edited by Craig B. See the article and interview here.


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5 Responses to “Be-Mag X I Roll NY: 1 Minute 1 Spot with James Perez”

  1. kevin Says:

    so sick! Kid def deserves the shine..
    hands down

  2. chris Says:

    sickk!! congrats james.. merked it meng

  3. El Blanquito Especial Says:

    This was the first handy i ever hit back in the IMYTA days. it’s MURDA!

  4. Derek C Says:

    Murdered it!! The FUTURE of NY

  5. Chris M Says:


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