Oil City’s Slickest Blader Competition

“We all know the obstacles of getting grip at Oil City, but we all still LACE some badass tricks! So on March 9th, 2013,we will see who is the SLICKEST BLADER in NY! The competition is open to anyone for the entrance fee of $25. If you dont want to compete and blade that night from 7- close its $15 and if your a friend coming to hang its $5 DONATION going towards Best tricks. All competitors will need a waiver on file (no fee) and a helmet. Cash And Prizes for winners!!!” – DaxSlide Productions.

Date: Saturday March 9th, 2013.
Time: 7:00PM.
Location: Oil City Skatepark 3565 Maple Ct, Oceanside, New York 11572.
Entrance Fee: $25 to compete. $15 to session. $5 suggested donation to watch.



3 Responses to “Oil City’s Slickest Blader Competition”

  1. Jordan Baez Says:

    Slickest? Slickers? Yeah C’mon.

  2. jon (pace,pratt,lazerbeam,juicebox) gillen Says:

    i’m starting a kickstarter to fund my entry fee, please support

  3. DaX Says:

    Slicker-A crook or swindler./A raincoat made of smooth material.

    Slickest-Done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way./Superficially impressive or efficient in presentation.

    C’mon smooth criminal

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