Catching Up With Ramelle Knight

Adonis Taylor: Yo what’s up man? How you been?

Ramelle Knight: Been good, just working on healing this knee.

Yeah I see. I’m hearing all about this knee but I’ve got no idea what happened

. Fill us in…
Yea man…

Here’s what happened…

Mid August a 95 year-old (Yes 95 years-old, lol) lady T-Boned into my girlfriends car hitting the passenger side in which my knee became sore. I went to a knee specialist and had some MRIs done of my knee finding out that I tore my meniscus. Right after finding that out my doctor did surgery to repair my meniscus as well as some other cartilage tearing.

Yikes. I forget that we have misfortunes outside of blading but I’m kind of happy to hear it wasn’t through blading. 
Didn’t you have a previous knee injury from blading circa the Know Difference / |B| Unique days?
Well I’ve had a couple bangs and bruises at that time but nothing that needed any surgery.

Okay, How soon can we expect to see you back on a pair of blades? And what have you been doing in the downtime?
Right now I’m working with a great physical therapist to get me back to 100%. In another 4 weeks I should have full range of motion so I’ll say in about 8 weeks or so I should be fully back up and running again. 8 more weeks on Therapy and 4 after that of me just working out and building muscle back.

Oh that sounds like a quick recovery process. I guess I’m not too familiar with the meniscus. For those of us that don’t know, what exactly does the meniscus do

The meniscus is basically a cartilage disk that acts as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet in a joint.

Okay I can visualize that better now which actually sounds like it won’t be the same after tearing it. Once your range of motion is back do you anticipate losing any tricks or being partially limited on a certain side?

I hope that I’m not partially limited. My doctor says once fully healed and strengthened properly I should be able to do whatever I was able to before the surgery. I know with my own mental fears I will be limited at the beginning but as time goes on I think I’ll be back to normal.

I’m relieved to hear that this injury is not as severe as assumed and I hope you can make a full re-introduction.
I hope so too bruh.

Before I go any further… I’d like to personally thank you for this opportunity and for giving us all a chance to get to know what’s going on in your life.
You’re quite welcome Adonis and thank you as well for taking the time out to chop it up with me.

Interview: Adonis Taylor. Photo: Ryan Loewy.

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