NYC Weekly Deals: Don’t Sit On Bleachers

The Perez brothers got themselves a DSLR so we decided to test it out and learn the ropes at a near by Brooklyn spot over the course of an hour before the fog and rain hit. Featuring James Perez. Filmed by Steven Perez and Gordon Bombay. Edited by Gordon Bombay.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump.

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5 Responses to “NYC Weekly Deals: Don’t Sit On Bleachers”

  1. timR Says:

    donde is este
    where is this

  2. Derek C. Says:

    That was tight, editing music and skating was well put together. Good shit guys lets see more a that!

  3. JakeSKI Says:

    Superb! James always holding it down for NYC.

  4. mikey roman Says:


  5. chris Says:

    so sick and creative

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