Jordan Baez New York Shitty

“The clips used in this video were suppose to be for an upcoming New York City video by Sean Grossman called Big Apple Blade” – Jordan Baez.


5 Responses to “Jordan Baez New York Shitty”

  1. Satan Says:

    Oh my gaaaaa! I need some Baez Jizz in my mouth A$AP!

  2. Jeremy Lin Says:

    that was sick Jordan keep it up!

  3. Joaquin Says:

    Jordan this edit was dope super clean style and the houston clip was dope people don’t realize how hard that was bro …keep it pimpin my ni666@

  4. Chauncey Jenkins Says:

    Good shit JB, good to see u skate man.. Keep it up, looking forward to see more!! 🙂 NYc

  5. Jesus Medina Says:

    the devil has empowered you

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