Joaquin Fletcher All Black Everything

“Throwaway footage from Coleman Skatepark.”


5 Responses to “Joaquin Fletcher All Black Everything”

  1. Bruno Delrio Says:

    What a sick edit! Joaquin Fletcher, surely one of NYC’s finest skaters holding it down like always!! Still doing your thing!!

  2. Im2wost3ezy Says:

    Your not down with Valo so i feel you shouldn’t be posting they’re logo in your edit. But besides that this was to STEEZZZZZZYYY! fake 5 face slam was the best.

  3. Chilliwilli Says:

    Veery veery nice!!!

  4. Joaquin Says:

    Worst edit ever dude … that 540 face bust was awesome blah blah valo icon blah blah blah only I can hate on me boyyyyyyy… thanks for the love guys ❤

  5. Chauncey Jenkins Says:

    Good shit Joaquin, u killed it!! Good to see u blading man, looking forward to see more!!! Sick

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