Oil City Wednesday Night Session Photos

Jon Gillen – Negative Citric Top Acid.

When Summer dies down and winter arises Oil City skate park is the place to be on Wednesday nights. Before the park was damaged by hurricane Sandy, we managed to get a ton of clips and pics from the Wednesday night sessions. Check out all the photos featuring Alex Ryerson, Angelo Ferrer, Angelo Morales, Danny Figgz, Erick Rodriguez, Franco Cammayo, Jake Rodriguez, James Perez, Jesus Medina, Jon Gillen, Jordan Baez, Moronie, Ryan Many, Sebastian Michalski, and Steven Perez. All photos by I Roll NY staff.

Alex Ryerson – Top Acid

Angelo Ferrer – Mullet Back Royale

Angelo Morales – 540 to flat

Angelo Morales – Royale

Danny Figgz – Fishbrain

Danny Figgz – Top Torque Soul Sponsored by St.Ides

Erick Rodriguez – Tru Top Soul

Franco Cammayo – Mini to Fishbrain

Franco Cammayo – Mini to Top Acid

Jake Rodriguez – Tru Top Soul

Jake Rodriguez – Fishbrain

James Perez – Top Acid

James Perez – Top Soul

James Perez – Top Soul

James Perez – Tru Top Torque Soul

Jesus Medina – Back Savannah

Jon Gillen – AO Top Porn

Jon Gillen – Negative Fishbrain

Jon Gillen – Rough Kindgrind

Jordan Baez – Fishbrain

Jordan Baez – Safety Grab

Moronie – Top Acid

Ryan Many – Back Backslide

Sebastian Michalski – 180 Wallride

Steven Perez – Top Acid

Steven Perez – Top Soul

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One Response to “Oil City Wednesday Night Session Photos”

  1. joeseph R. Says:

    dope shot at the end steven!
    jon gillen destroyed it that day.

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