Second Annunal NYC Street Invite Results

First Place: John Bolino
Second Place: Erik Bailey
Third Place: Nick Lomax
Fourth Place: Tim Franken
Fifth Place: CJ Wellsmore

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5 Responses to “Second Annunal NYC Street Invite Results”

  1. Al@n Says:

    Damn Son…Crowd is huge…this is what we need! Can’t wait for the clip!

  2. NYC Street Invitational 2012: Results Says:

    […] Irollny. Photo: […]

  3. South Africa Says:

    Holy crap look at that crowd! One day I’ll make it there. Well done guys, makes me really proud to be a rollerblader!

  4. Jesus Medina Says:

    Yesterday was amazing

  5. Jay Castle Says:

    The Invitational was Amazing, Bolino’s 540 was insane. Cheers to everyone who came out yesterday.

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