Seaport Ledge Session Photos

Sebastian Michalski – Alleyoop Topsoul

Tuesday night we went out on a late night skate session. We started in Brooklyn and made our way into the city. We ended up at the seaport ledges where most of the ledges have now been capped except for one located right in front of the security booth. We got some photos in before getting kicked out, of course. Featuring Sebastian Michalski, Damian Michalski, and Dave Ngo.

Dave Ngo – Alleyoop soul

Damian Michalski – Negative pornstar

Sebastian Michalski – 360 soul

Dave Ngo – Zero spin pornstar

Damian Michalski – Negative makio

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2 Responses to “Seaport Ledge Session Photos”

  1. Mike skate Says:

    Photos look sick.what settings did u use for the effect in the photo did u slow down the iso or shutter speed.much appreciated

  2. I Roll NY Says:

    Slowed down the shutter.

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