Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy #3

“Recently relocating to Queens, I have started to connect with bladers in the area. One of those bladers happens to be Joey Lunger, an 18 year old New Yorker with 6 years of blading under his belt. Joey caught my eye back in September at one of the box comps at LES, and again when I saw him in the Roachies edit. Intrigued and eager to shoot more blade photos, I hit Joey up to see what his schedule was like, and after learning he was a resident of Queens, we decided to meet at the Astoria Park under the bridge a few days later. After warming up a bit and grabbing a quick portrait, we began hitting the streets along the shoreline, stumbling upon this ledge. I fumbled around a bit, shooting a few different angles before settling on a dead on view of the ledge, positioning my flash accordingly. Joey began hitting the top ledge with some back royales, eventually upgrading to a smooth cross grab back torque, which you see above. We moved onto some rails and shot a bit more before calling it quits, but I was sufficiently pleased with the results and really look forward to working with Joey again, as well as exploring the various hidden gems of Queens that I know are out there” – Ryan Loewy.


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