King of Queens 2012 Competition Official Edit

Filmed by Flip The Script, iMagyne That, and I Roll NY. Edited by Flip The Script. Thank you to all the sponsors. A big thank you to Flip The Script, ODNY, and Flatlines Skateshop for providing first place with the cash prize. Thank you to Eulogy for providing all top 10 winners with a set of wheels. Thank you to Kato of Remz for allowing us to be apart of the World Rolling Series. Thank you to Adonis Taylor for providing the cash prize for overall best trick. Thank you to Tri-State Skate for providing the cash prize for best trick at the second spot.



4 Responses to “King of Queens 2012 Competition Official Edit”

  1. Brian keohane Says:

    LMAOOO that wanna be cop.. ” you needa permit to do somethin like this” fuck that guy.

  2. Cesar mendez Says:

    everybody ripped it

  3. BomTurch Says:

    New york is gangsta to the core. Everybody came out and did work the whole day. Props to all you crazy nyc cats. Cant wait to come out and shred again!!

  4. Ned Says:

    Woah! Congrats to all the riders! You guys are AMAZING!!!

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