Coleman Skatepark Construction Update

The Coleman skatepark aka L.E.S. skatepark is being rebuilt from scratch. All of the older obstacles have been taken out and replaced with newly built cement and metal copping obstacles. The park is rumored to re-open in July with an entirely brand new setup including a projection screen for film screenings.

See the previous article on the 2012 revamp of Coleman skatepark here. Check out all the photos below. Thanks to Theron Chung and Jordan Baez for providing the photos.

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6 Responses to “Coleman Skatepark Construction Update”

  1. Chris Kolodziej Says:

    That looks sick

  2. Troy Hanner Says:

    Amazing !!!

  3. Matty Boy Qrv Says:

    when does it open

  4. Brian keohane Says:

    Cant fuckin wait….

  5. BootyDigger1 (@BootyDigger1) Says:

    Is this place even finished? I been hearing bladers saying it is.

  6. Mirk Says:

    it opens friday

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