Freeze Fame: Sam DeAnglies #2

“As the long winter comes to a close and Spring rears it’s head, the NY street sessions begin. All throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC the streets were once again moved by the sounds of rolling urethane and sliding plastic.

On a warm Spring weekend, some NJ bladers and myself headed out to Staten Island to meet up with Franco Cammayo and the crew. We started off at the infamous curved red ledges to warm up and snap the first two photos. After a quick session I grabbed the camera shot Steve Nichols with this sweet Tru Mistrial. With the strong sun my single flash wasnt doing enough to fill shadows so I had to use my reflector, gripped by myself, to ensure a well lit shot.”

Shortly after Steve laced, I saw Spoiled Brat rider Osbel Velez setting up to hit the kinked rail at the schools play ground entrance. This rail has been known to be a pain due to its short, quick kink; although, this did not phase him. I set up my camera, placed Mike Hazard’s fresh shoes into the shot to bring about some color balance, and sat back as Oz laced this crispy photo first try. I lit the shot by using one flash photo right and reflector gripped by Joey Scanella on camera left.

As the New Jersey homies had to cut their session short, we decided to hit one last spot before they left. Franco Cammayo therefore met and directed us to the “P Rail Graveyard”, a spot that sounds much better than it is. The park consisted of a concrete slab littered with p rails and metal scraps dragged from locations throughout Staten Island. Although the park was anything but skatable, I took another look around and found this bench. My interest was immediately drawn to the thin coastline in the background and I asked for someone to step up and lace a trick along the top side. Oz took the offer and laced this flawless Cross Grabbed Backslide. I set up one flash camera right to pull Oz from the background.

As the New Jersey cats hopped back actosse the Gothels Bridge, I decided to stay out with Franco to get one last shot for the day. We arrived as this sketchy hand rail and Joey Scannella and Franco began to lace. After a couple warm up tricks I set up and snapped Cammayo’s Alley Oop Pornstar Full Cab Out. With the strength of the sun it was nearly impossible to compensate with my flashes. So I set one fill flash camera left and Franco’s beautiful girlfriend, Anna, held my reflector off camera right.

One relaxed session in Staten Island quickly turned into a photo shoot.. Goes to show that you should always have the camera available and ready to go when blading with the homies!” -Sam DeAngelis.


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