First Look at The Canarsie Skatepark

Brooklyn has a new skatepark located in the Canarsie area. The Canarsie skatepark is setup very differently than any other NYC park by surrounding the main area with a pathway filled with obstacles. Check out all the photos below and make sure to bring wax when you visit. The aluminum square copping on most of the obstacles will need extra wax when doing soul tricks.


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14 Responses to “First Look at The Canarsie Skatepark”

  1. Jesus Medina Says:

    I love it!

  2. Ivan Says:

    how you get there??????

  3. I Roll NY Says:

    L train towards Rockaway Parkway / Canarsie. Get off at the last stop. Take the B17 bus to East 80th street and Paedergat 15th street. That should leave you across the street from the park.

  4. Warrior Says:

    The B 17 only stop on rockaway pkwy on the weekdays. So if you try get their weekend take the B 42 to seaview ave and skate to the park. Trust me I live in the area, and 5 minutes from the park. Or take the 3 or 4 to Utica ave and transfer to the B 17 to the last stop

  5. Tee Tirado Says:


  6. philip weaver Says:

    looks dope. lets make a session.

  7. Harold Says:

    How u get there driving? I wanna go ASAP!! Lol

  8. Aris Canela Says:

    aluminum coping slides fast as fluck aluminum rails? diff story -_- this park was fun as hell and is super empty on weekdays

  9. Joseph Says:

    So sick

  10. Flatlines Says:

    that’s hot….BK stand up……stand up

  11. NYC Says:

    Glad you like this project. I hope that you enjoy this NYC Parks design. You can thank the local skate community who were very helpful.

    Continue to let us know how much you enjoy in and please, please keep it clean and allow the landscaping to grow.


  12. Steel king Says:

    It’s better then nothing

  13. Steven sin Says:

    looks like a dope park !

  14. fdgnardog Says:

    Nothing looks like its built by riders , like the cracks and zero poured transition …and the agro used looks weak? One hard peg or stomp might even bend aluminum right? No bowl or pockets? Still gtateful still stoked, just looks like it might shred fast ..

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