Art of Rolling 3D Issue Online

The Art of Rolling 3D issue is online featuring interviews on DJ Jen Mass, Jean Yues Biondeau, and Carlos Montenegro.

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3 Responses to “Art of Rolling 3D Issue Online”

  1. tmart Says:

    rough top mistrial on a drop rail, fucking OD

  2. Hillel Dov (@HillelDov) Says:

    best pic in the mag!

  3. richardcorley Says:

    i didn’t’ wanna read this on my computer but on an iPad i’d wish i could read this at least once a week if not once a month… nyc skating is the shit… i wanna know what goes on with all the great talents of the city on blades… what their skating, what cool obstacles their messing up and how their exactly doing it… maybe i’m in a hole but i’d go buy this for a few bucks to fill my down time.

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