Rafael Herrera 2012 Spring Edit & Lost Footage

“Recently I’ve caught up with Nyc’s own Rafeal Herrera. I informed him i had come across a few old clips of him & was not sure if i was supposed to put them out or not being how they were recorded in 2004. Ralphy’s response was “What are you waiting for” so we decided to shoot a short spring edit & throw the lost footage along with it… enjoy” – John Staten.

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2 Responses to “Rafael Herrera 2012 Spring Edit & Lost Footage”

  1. dorito jones Says:

    i like the edit but i feel this sorta under rates how good he actually is hes got some fucking TRICKS wish i could see an edit with more clips of em,liked this though

  2. James p. Says:

    Yeooo fire hands down..my gg keep doing your thing ,NYC ogee still merkin it haha realest dude

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