Freeze Fame: Richard Enormas

“When Dave Ngo isn’t busy ruining other people’s clips or providing the lulz for everyone, he’s usually lacing the most stylish tricks ever seen in NYC. Unfortunately Dave is one of those talented assholes who doesn’t really like skating to get clips or flicks. He just does it cause it’s something he loves. I mean, who does that anymore? Anyway, on this day we ended up at the Thomas Greene “skate park” in Brooklyn, NY. I quote skate park, because it’s pretty much a basketball court with a couple of ledges in it, but it provides pretty chill vibes. I wanted to try my new fisheye out at the park and asked Dave if he’d oblige. Luckily he did. For some reason I have an affinity for negative tricks on curved ledges, so I asked Dave to lace a negative makio since I knew he had the trick in his vocab. Dave laced with no problem and we ended up getting a couple of shots. I let Dave choose his favorite one out of the three we took to be featured in I Roll NY’s Freeze Fame. Enjoy.

Photo specs: I used an aluminum Dragon HLX flash while shooting with my Canon GL3 at 1/20th at f0.1 ISO 090988979177231 during an eclipse” – Richard Enormas.

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4 Responses to “Freeze Fame: Richard Enormas”

  1. Jose Says:

    sick pic dave!

  2. Maljetlife Says:

    Darkest nigga in NYC

  3. Jash Ruiz NYC Says:


  4. AustinCroteauGuy/ Says:

    like this guy.

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