The Five W’s with Craig Benabu SUAS Interview

Read the full interview on ShutUpAndSk8. “Craig Benabu’s 5W’s is a great read and I hope that it lights a fire under NYC’s collective asses. I sent over my questions and he provided me with thorough answers making this my favorite 5W’s thus far. Thank you Craig for being honest and telling it like it is” – SUAS.

With all of the new amazing talent that is brewing in every borough WHO do you see as the young leaders of the future of NYC blading?

No doubt there is a ton of talent in NYC, but as for leaders? Unfortunately, I really don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate and trying to do something more for our scene than just trying to make a name for themselves and the small group of friends they skate with. A leader to me is someone who is trying to expose our local scene and talent as a whole. A leader is someone who shows love to everyone, not just a select few. Our scene lacks unity. There was a short period of time where most, if not all, of the rollerblading media heads were working together or at least working under the same umbrella, and honestly that was when NYC was blowing up again within the blade media. I’d say this was around 2009 up until late 2010, where most decided that they would be better off on their own focusing on stamping their name on everything and only working within their own website or crew.

Now look where NYC is at. There’s no coverage on our scene on any non local blade media site, or in any magazines or videos, and the people that branched out are barely putting out any new media. We’re back to being one of the biggest but least exposed scenes within this small community and honestly it’s our fault. Everyone’s too concerned with just building their name up instead of building up NYC as a whole.

After all these years HOW do you keep up with providing new content daily to I ROLL NY?

Well this year I’ve made some changes. I stopped mindlessly posting content and media from anyone and everyone. After about five years of showing love to just about anyone, I started to ask myself who were the people that were showing love back? Who were the people that I helped come up in this industry that still continue to help the site out? And unfortunately the list was and still is very small. With mostly everyone only looking out for themselves these days, I decided that it’s not fair to our scene as a whole to share content from people who’s only focus was to build their name up. As I said before, I recently updated my equipment so now I have the chance to create content that brings the site’s focus back on the NYC scene as a whole myself. Full Interview.



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7 Responses to “The Five W’s with Craig Benabu SUAS Interview”

  1. Jose Says:

    yooooo…….were can i get that tee??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cool to see somebody calling out the NYC scene for being so selfishly fame whoring….and that somebody being Craig of all people! Teach the youth well, they’re going to be the ones blowing up and getting the scene unified 5/10/15yrs from now.

  3. Davengo Says:

    Very good read and I agree whole heartedly with the comments Craig made. He’s the hardest working man you’ll never meet.

  4. James p Says:

    Sick Craig , keep doing ur thing bruh, you ‘re helping the ny scene in a major way. We love you for that. Jp

  5. William Says:

    Great interview. The unity of the nyc skate scene was always something that bothered me personally and to have some like Craig speak up about it might help others to see that there should be more solidarity in the nyc skate scene. Thanks SUAS and Craig

  6. Anonymous Says:

    One thing I’d like to see is less comments from anonymous people. If you’re going to hate or give “advice” stop being a pussy and write your real name. This shit aint RollerNews!

  7. Maljetlife Says:

    You’re the man Craig!

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