NYC Weekly Deals: Game of I Suck!

Two of Brooklyn’s best bladers play a friendly game of BLADE with a twist. Sebastian Michalski and James Perez are two equally talented bladers who are too modest and respectful of one another to ever play a game of BLADE on their own. So I did what no one else would do and forced them! Check out the 13 minute battle where both bladers go letter for letter and push one another to learn new tricks during the battle. Find out who comes out victorious and who’s forced to say “I Suck!” Youtube link after the jump.

Youtube version:

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5 Responses to “NYC Weekly Deals: Game of I Suck!”

  1. Mike bob Says:

    That shit was awesome! So fun to watch! I miss ya niggas

  2. I Roll NY Says:

    Get back on them blades. We need another baby broskow edit!

  3. CJ Says:

    Nice!!! I was there, but I still enjoy the edit.. Good shit!!

  4. davengo Says:

    my favorite clip was where i tried true top porn and smashed my shin.

  5. Victor Vizcaino Says:

    that was fun to watch

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