Ryan Loewy is Better Than You / A Real Supporter

“If there is one person that I believe busts his ass the most in the New York blade scene and gets more shit for it than praise, it has to be Craig B. Craig has been running I ROLL NY for over 5 years now, and he provides something that, despite the criticism, is crucial to the development of the NY Scene. Craig gave me my first photo entry for I ROLL NY over 5 years ago and was essentially my start in blade photography. Furthermore, he hooked it up with my first press pass at Bittercold. What Craig provides that others don’t is a platform, a website that is, for kids of all levels to show their blade skills, and will continue to do so and not give a shit what others have to say, whether it be some random hero hiding behind an online moniker or some established pro; in simple, haters are gonna hate but Craig will keep doing what he does because he loves blading. He provides an environment where a NY blader can go and see what’s up, who’s got the newest edit, who’s repping NY, who’s doing this, who’s doing that, and so forth.

Craig also is up on the design tip and, throughout the existence of I ROLL NY, he has put out little nifty, one run products that always seem to catch hella hype. Over the summer, Craig told me he was working on a new deal for Billy O’Neill’s NYC invite, and I was kind of worried about what it was. Worried? Yeah, worried, because Craig’s I ROLL NY tee was such a success that I didn’t know if he could top it. On top of that, everyone tries to jump on the handout tip, and as we all know, this is especially common in blading. Well, hints came here and there, and then finally Craig dropped the bomb. Going on the snap back trend, Craig commissioned one of the dopest pieces to be had at the Invite, and like a champ, sold them all out that day. He even got offers from distro companies to make a second run, you know, after all that hype. But Craig declined, which is something I respect about Craig. He could of made a good deal money from it. But he didn’t. Because it isn’t about the money. To be cliché as all hell, it’s about the love, which is what I ROLL NY, I believe, embodies, and, through these small products that Craig makes, well, a piece of that mentality lives in each one. Cheers Craig.” – Ryan Loewy.

Thanks Ryan for the kind words, acknowledgements, and for being one of, if not the only person, who continues to contribute to the site after I helped get their names out in the rollerblading world. Cheers Ryan.

Source: http://ryanloewy.tumblr.com


One Response to “Ryan Loewy is Better Than You / A Real Supporter”

  1. Mike bob Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with what Ryan said. Though I’ve somewhat stopped rolling I still check this site on the Reg. Craig you’re an awesome dude, and hella funny too. We should hang again soon. Miss you my boy

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