Staten Impossibe: Finding A Good Ledge on the Island

Sasha Sergieiev laces a top acid while Sebastian Michalski laces a scorpion handstand

“Staten Island is a borough of New York City, New York, United States, located in the southwest part of the city.”
Now that I’ve filled the first sentence with a copy and paste job from Wikipedia I can now start the story about our journey to Staten Island and how we did not find one good ledge the whole day. Sebastian Michalski aka White Murda, Sasha Sergieiev aka Papa Sasha, and myself aka me, drove out to the island to film new spots and forgotten spots.

After convincing Sebastian to go back to Staten Island after picking Sasha and myself up from Brooklyn we warmed up at a local school’s football field. Sebastian told us about these three benches you can transfer from which would make for a nifty, yeah NIFTY!, clip or two. He didn’t tell us, however, that there’d be a bunch of bros that would be annoyingly cheering us on. We checked out the spot and the benches must have been made by a former rollerblader, because they were practically built like p-rails.

Sebastian laced a couple of transfers while Sasha laced a couple of grinds on one bench, to roll on the next, to darkside grinds on the last bench as I ripped my pants JUST BY FILMINGG!!!!@$@!@#R#W$OF#$% Thank you Based God for reminding me to wear basketball shorts underneath my pantaloons. We dicked around until we realized we were wasting our trip and daylight on these benches. This is where our journey starts to fail.

We went to the well known ABC ledges where we found out that they were eaten up by ever biker on the island. Not to mention, upon arrival there were at least 20 bikers making sure the ledges stayed ruined. We decided to skate the ledges on the opposite side of the school. Waxing did not help the bottom ledge but the top was suitable for our cause.

Sasha and Sebastian laced a few tricks on the top ledge and somehow Sasha managed to top mistrial the bottom ledge without getting stuck or eating shit. I didn’t film it mainly because I was scared for his life and saying to myself “He’s going to eat shit.” Happily proving me wrong for both our sakes we tried breaking in a new ledge in the area that was god like compared to what we were dealing with.

Sebastain caught a couple of lines starting from this ledge then to the top of the crunchy ledges. I filmed him lacing this sweet 360 outspin sweatstance and totally messed up his second trick on the high ledge. While re-filming this line again Sebastian and myself both ended up eating shit, it was long over due, which you may or may not see in a future clip. Ever go top speed straight into a metal gate while skating backwards and filming? I wouldn’t recommend it.

Some douchebag attempted this lame act of graffiti and we made our way to the red curved ledges…which were closed. The one spot I’ve been dying to skate for years was closed. We then went to Sebastian’s house to drop dumpage and then head back out to try to find something worth skating in Staten.

We ended up at the boardwalk where our initial intentions were to skate the small drop ledge that had a light next to it. But, of course, the light was off. The second small ledge, featured in the pic, had light but was a lot choppier than the other making sure our Staten Island trip was only mildly enjoyable.

I didn’t do much filming because it was too dark and my cell phone’s flashlight app was not sufficient. I took a few flicks of the tricks then just ended up focusing more on the view from the boardwalk and ignoring the innovation that was going down next to me. This was our last spot in Staten Island as we called it a night and ended up back in Brooklyn. The journey continues…


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2 Responses to “Staten Impossibe: Finding A Good Ledge on the Island”

  1. MalJetlife Says:

    This was simply awesome.

  2. Mike bob Says:

    Staten island…what a shithole. Nice read tho!

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