Harison Hadzovic & Eddie Esteves Edit

Tag team edit of New era skate teams’ Eddie Esteves and Harison Hadzovic. Both 16 years old and have been skating for over 2 years. Hope you enjoy the little project filmed since the new year.
Filmed by:Harison Hadzovic Eddie Esteves John Stephens
Edited by:Harison Hadzovic Eddie Esteves

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6 Responses to “Harison Hadzovic & Eddie Esteves Edit”

  1. jesus medina Says:

    Good work! I like the progression I’m seeing.

  2. DJ Says:

    Beast; I wish I was on that team

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Young guns bringing it on. Good job guys!

  4. JohnStephens Says:

    Cant wait till the movie comes out 🙂

  5. Noel Says:

    good stuff

  6. Dis Dick Says:

    I must say these guys are progressing well. Eddie was already pretty good, but seeing some big improvements with Harrison. The obstacles and tricks are getting bigger and better, just work on style a bit more and you’ll be killing it. Good job guys.

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