Filming with Jesus Medina

We all know today sucks. It’s been raining all day and everyone’s bragging about being at Bitter Cold where they’re sitting with a bunch of strange men getting drunk doing borderline homosexual activities they’ll be scared to tell their grandchildren about. But I digress, yesterday was awesome. If you didn’t have any responsibilities or obligations and you had the ability to maneuver your fat feet into your rollerblades then you should’ve been out blading. 60 degree weather in NYC is awesome by itself, but 60 degree weather in the middle of February is even more awesome. It’s something I like to call “awesomore.”

Wanting to take advantage of the beautiful weather I contacted Jesus Medina as he’s currently back living in the city. I pitched the idea of filming something simple for a one day / one spot edit and he was down for the cause. We met up around 1:00PM at Pier 25 skate plaza which seems to be the mecca for skateboarders to play flat ground “SKATE.” I mean, why not go to a skate plaza and refuse to skate all the perfectly placed ledges? It just makes sense to stand around in one area and not land any tricks on the cement floor.

We stayed at the plaza until about 4:00PM where a few more bladers joined in on the session. We made moves to the Monkey ledges until we got kicked out (of course!) then to a up rail around Chambers street. Got some clips of the bladers that joined in on our sesh and called it a day. Expect to see a Jesus Pier 25 edit and a short edit of the tricks that went down after the skate plaza.


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3 Responses to “Filming with Jesus Medina”

  1. roll®blade A Says:

    like a BOSS

  2. abdule Says:

    haha props to whoever wrote that

  3. J Loose Says:

    Daaammn, That dude writes well for real for real.

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