Jordan Baez I Roll NY Online Profile

I Roll NY premieres it’s first ever online profile. Our first profile features Jordan Baez, a local blader from the Lower East Side of Manhattan that has been gaining attention and popularity within our scene. Jordan doesn’t fit the typical stigma of NYC blading and we wanted to showcase his talents to the rollerblading world that still has the early years image of NYC blading. This is a look into the resurgence of New York City rollerblading. Youtube link after the jump. Filmed/Edited by Craig Benabu. Additional footage: Joey Rojas.

Youtube version:

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14 Responses to “Jordan Baez I Roll NY Online Profile”

  1. Jash Ruiz Says:

    ooo god i know jordan feeling like 100 dollas now lol

  2. Jash Ruiz Says:

    good stuff tho

  3. DJ Says:

    Swag !

  4. Jordan Baez Says:

    Thanks for the head Jash love you tho

  5. Louie Mane Says:

    wavy all cray lol

  6. CJ Says:

    good shit JB,good to see u doing your thing.. props, NYC!!! keep rolling

  7. kevindowling Says:

    loads of respect brother, you handled shit in that edit.

  8. Jash Ruiz Says:

    lov u to u dum fuck lol

  9. joey rojas Says:

    thank you for the mention

  10. MalJetlife Says:

    Good fucking shit Jordan!

  11. davengo Says:

    yoooooo that was fucking awesome!

  12. David Toro Says:

    Sick. Baller shit. Stay up.

  13. dorito jones Says:

    hope this shows the rest of the blading world that niggas in nyc DO got steez keep goin dude

  14. Anthony Soto Says:

    I gotta admit, that was pretty fuckin’ sick. Style is on point Jordan and that editing was awesome. The combination made this edit fun to watch. Keep it up, I’m impressed!


  15. chapstick dick Says:

    Dope skating. Def the resurgence of NYC rollerblading!

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