Coleman (L.E.S.) Skatepark 2012 Revamp

“The skate park under the Manhattan Bridge aka Chinatown/LES Skate Park on our block is due for a complete renovation next year! The HAO/Holm Architecture Office won the design bid for the project and the new park will be funded by Architecture for Humanity and a Nike Gamechanger’s grant…the development of the new park that will be known as “Coleman Oval Skate Park.” With the recent loss of the nearby, historic Brooklyn Banks, we feel that this “revamp” is long overdue. In addition to a brand new skate park, the new design includes a dog-run with a view, upgraded baseball field, new playground, an urban gallery (sounds like legal walls), and new board game benches. See the layout plans of the space below:

“New York has more film festivals than any other city in the world. Throughout the summer, independent and established film festivals show screenings under the bridge. Summer concerts includes locals and national bands celebrating the coolest music venue in the city while, on select days, the part and skate park combines to create the Coleman Oval Market for furniture, food and festivities.” This is a great idea but we’re not sure if anyone factored in the constant loud roar of the train overhead during these concerts and screenings” – Klughaus Galley.



4 Responses to “Coleman (L.E.S.) Skatepark 2012 Revamp”

  1. Mirk Says:

    oh shit cant wait we been came up with this idea too. id say screw all the theater and other crap and put more money into the skatepark but i guess itll bring more eyes on the skating community and and will help our sport grow. so great idea and hope they go big and dont make tiny ass ramps and crap no one wants to skate.

  2. Mirk Says:

    and legal walls, we in there

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The skate setup looks kinda weak, only two big obstacles with some small grinder shit. The experience doesn’t look like much of an improvement except for that massive quarter. The scale of the rendering makes the quarter look like it is a 10′ drop in. Which is awesome, but what the hell are you going to trick on after you drop in? Hopefully this is not a final plan as far as obstacles go.

  4. adam Says:

    why dont they jus keep it the same it was mad nice with the pyrimid and the down rails and flat rails that shit was perfect i hope they dont do what they did to owls head skatepark and make that shit more for bikers

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