Rejects NYC Section 2002

A film by Rejects skate magazine © 2002

Skaters: Mike “Murda” Johnson, Ramelle Knight, Franco Cammayo, Mikey Cancel, Justin Brasco, Ralphy Herreras, Omar Morsy, Sam Grimm, Alex Nunez, Billy O’neill, Brian Allen, Damian, Boshi Pope, Courney Brown

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5 Responses to “Rejects NYC Section 2002”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That was awesome, how did all you guys not break your ankles back then? haha

    Really great high energy amazing fuckin’ section.

  2. Jash Ruiz Says:

    best nyc edit ever

  3. smd Says:

    THIS IS HOW NEW YORK SHOULD BE UNITED AS ONE! To many big egos out here smh

  4. CJ Says:

    NICE!!!! thats when NYC was Crazy nice…love this edit since 2002.. keep rolling…

  5. TOMMY2MUCH. aka (T2M) Says:

    that was bananas! lots of talent..

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