Shooting The Banner: With Danny Figgz

Danny Figgz sent in a message with an idea for the next I Roll NY banner. He wanted to get a photo at the Guggenheim museum high ledge. Guggenheim is an almost forgotten NYC staple skate spot. Most commonly remembered as the ledge Boshi Pope skated in his ONE section. We headed out on our mission to capture the photo. After clearing the ledge within a few tries we were able to catch Figgz behind the scenes along with capturing a few extra tricks at the museum.



15 Responses to “Shooting The Banner: With Danny Figgz”

  1. buklau Says:

    beast mode

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice grinds, I love that he is so humble about his skills.

  3. Real nigga Says:

    Why is he mad cocky? Hes not even good!

  4. Realer Nigga Says:

    Hey real nigger, i feels ya brother…

  5. The more realer nigga Says:

    DouBle fills ya

  6. realest nigga Says:

    Talking about he makes ny look like shit? Fools like him don’t make ny look good! Who the he’ll skates with a chain and earrings!

  7. realest of the real nigga Says:

    y00, danny figz would shit on all of your heads.
    the end

  8. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    Either way…ur paying attention, right? I guess this edit served its purpose. Thanks

  9. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    And Figgz is one of the most chill people I know. We need more people like him in this lifestyle

  10. realest of the real nigga Says:

    Jyln shut up your tall goof! Your always having someones cock in your mouth!

  11. Corny Says:

    Yeah, your tricks are actually easy and your style is actually wack.

    Make your breaks from skating longer. Skating doesn’t need fake/corny personalities like yours.

  12. Stanley E. Hernandez Says:

    why you guys hating lol danny has been in the game for a while and hes style is amazing and to point out the fact this isent an edit or a section its just him catching a few photos for the i roll banner.

  13. Most realest nigga of all the realiest niggas Says:

    Nobody is debating this man’s skills, or how chill he is, nor how long he has been in the game. I think the point of everybody’s statements here is that Mr. Figgz is a bit arrogant. Unfortnate as it may be, this seems to be the norm in the overall NYC scene vibe.

    To all making edits: Let your skating speak for yourself.

  14. Juice Says:

    I found it to be funny, ya’ll take shit too serious. His skating speaks for itself and he has personality to back it up. It may not be the personality you prefer but its personality none the less. We talk shit in NYC but most of us back it up and don’t need to make fake names on the net to do so. Half you skaters are fuckin lemmings I swear.

  15. LemmyWink Says:

    King Lemming.

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