Robert Monegro Pier 62 Edit

“Bringing back the Professional. New Year, New Edit, New Motivation, it’s called turning 30! Keep your eyes open for that homie with the tie on! pier 62” – Robert Monegro.


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17 Responses to “Robert Monegro Pier 62 Edit”

  1. not hayting or anything Says:

    sick edit

  2. Will Says:

    Tru royale and tru soul. nice

  3. davengo Says:

    one time I went to shields late one evening and they were closing.

    robert straight up went to the owner and said “ill give you 100 bucks if you keep it open for another few hours”

    we had an awesome session that evening and that was the most baller shit I’ve ever seen.

  4. Edwin UreƱa Says:

    Bring it back!

  5. Psyclown Says:

    Yeaaaaaaah!!!! Buddyyyyyyy!!!

  6. Dillon Jermaine Cooper Says:

    dope skating… and great music choice…. Jesse boykins is where its at

  7. real nigga Says:

    Proffesional my ass you fat fuck! When you misty flipped it looked like a whale flipped out the water. Stop skating with a tie you look like a douche!

  8. sk8fly Says:

    you so REAL NIGGA you wanna battle the proffesional step up u know who i am …. im tired of ya fake ass REAL NIGGA you know where i be at the heights shields pier dimelo

  9. yourworstcritic Says:

    i bet that “real nigga” be a real pussy ass looking fag wit skinny ass pants.. get ya weight up son then you can talk like a real man

  10. real nigga Says:

    Shields pier? That exists? Im always in the heights fucking bitches getting money you know? Skating around with a tie and a top hat because im professional like that. Let me not forget to mention my skinny jeans i always wear with my tie.

  11. yourworstcritic Says:

    that made no sense at all.. get a life loser.. theres more to the world than tha heightz.. SK8FLY or sk8 lame you never catch me in skinny jeans

  12. Okay I am hayting Says:

    When are your pro skates coming out ?

  13. sk8fly Says:

    Thanks for always showing and supporting NY skaters and thanks to my fellas for all the good feed back keep rolling (walkin is over rated) skater for life . I remember that day at shields skate park for Chauncy Jenkins B-DAY great session + A mission driving home (snow Storm)

    P.S.REAL NIGGA be skaing at marble ledge singing ( my jeans so skinny cause i got a TWOT with no KNOTS ) pra .HA LMAO . ( – )

    Robert Monegro C.E.O

  14. sk8fly Says:

    ok I am hayting sk8fly pro skates coming out soon lol.

  15. TOMMY2MUCH. aka (T2M) Says:

    great edit, cool tricks. robert monegro is great sk8er hands down. rob is very spontaneous and adapts well to his surroundings. he is a innovator as well as a shape shifter. roll on robert monegro, keep doing what u do its your drive and focus that keep me and others to continue sk8ing. haters keep hating on rob he needs a negative for our positive creations.

  16. MALjetlife Says:

    this was real smooth!

  17. CJ Says:

    Nice!!!! Rob is a blader that hypes people up, love skAting with Rob.. Hope I see more edits come soon, and u know me.. Heights all day!!!! Keep it up Rob, SK8FLY!!!! $

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