New Years Eve River Ave Bash Edit

“NYE RiverAve Bash is My edit for the Event hosted by Flatline Skateshop and I Roll NY. It was a crazy day with rain soaking the park as we get there and the efforts of the youth and fellow bladers to work together and make this day happen. We went out with a bang! Enjoy the edit and the skating of some of NY’s Finest Rollers. Daniel Irizarry, Mike Kazberuk, William Jorge, Nico The Guy, Christian Brito, Brendan Taylor, Steven Osoris, Pablo Munez, Jose Henriquez, Ramelle Knight, Mal Ashby, Chris Murphy, Hector “HappyFeet” Rodriguez” – Dave Herrera.

Rail Champion: Chris Murphy

Coping Champion: Hector Rodriguez

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9 Responses to “New Years Eve River Ave Bash Edit”

  1. Pablo MUÑOZ Says:

    Its pablo MUÑOZ not munez, lol munez aint even a last name

  2. DaX Says:

    sorry dude that’s my bad

  3. Hector Happy Feet Rodriguez Says:

    Pablo hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha im rolling over here bro

  4. thatniggy Says:

    loved the filming and editing.

  5. obaminos Says:

    really sick coping switchups

  6. JaketheRod Says:

    someone really knows their trick

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wish there were more close ups of Happy Feet, love that skating style

  8. FaggotNamedJeremiah Says:

    I’m too much of a pussy to post my real name!

  9. Will Says:

    I tried my best but it’s hard coming up with the trick names with some many people killing it. :-/

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