Freeze Fame: Craig Benabu

“I met up with Jordan Thursday December 29th at the box on 12th Street and Avenue D located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We started filming for an upcoming edit and moved from the box to the bank ledge. There wasn’t a lot of lighting in the area making it difficult to film so we decided to try get some photos instead. After a few test shots, and discussing how we both wanted the photo to look, I was able to catch Jordan lacing this fishbrain stall. After both approving of the photo we moved on and kept filming at the next location” – Craig Benabu.


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3 Responses to “Freeze Fame: Craig Benabu”

  1. davengo Says:

    braking bottles swaggg

  2. James Says:

    This kid is growing his hair wrong. Haha jay is underrated ha good ishh. Craig always looks out :)..keep doin yah thing..Jay is still a bird lol jkjk peace-james p.

  3. james Says:

    Dave ngo is da man :))

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