Crazy Pat 2011 Keepers

“Crazy Pat’s best clips on my camera from the past year. Pat rides for SSM, and Tri-State Skate” – Chris Kolodziej.

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5 Responses to “Crazy Pat 2011 Keepers”

  1. wow Says:

    Dude Pats a nice kid but his arms and legs are all over the place he looks out of control on his skates you shoulda just lost the camera entirely

  2. wow Says:

    And getting free skates from tri state dosent mean you ride for ssm fyi cause he aint in the real ssm edits or the site

  3. davengo Says:

    holy crap last ledge tricks were bonkers. so sick

  4. Jason Staine Says:

    pats got crazy arms and legs bc he’s a nut. i can show you clean tricks of him right here.

  5. Chris Kolodziej Says:

    Hey wow, what the fuck is this rollernews?

    Rollerbladers get enough hate as it is….and
    putting your name on post tells me your man enough to speak out loud

    Nah im pretty sure hes flow on SSM btw….

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