James Perez an Afternoon at Pier 25 Skate Plaza

“James Perez has been on a skating hiatus due to his recent pursuit of a college education and currently working a full time job. Luckily, I was able to meet up with James during his only day off last week for a brief session at the Pier 25 skate plaza located in Manhattan, NY. James dusted off the cobwebs from his blades and quickly got back into the skating rhythm as we managed to beat the the rain, clouds, and park closing” – Jasepi Calamari.

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41 Responses to “James Perez an Afternoon at Pier 25 Skate Plaza”

  1. buklau Says:

    great as usual

  2. davengo Says:

    a soooooo a goood!!

  3. michael v. Says:

  4. Derek C. Says:


  5. dax976 Says:

    always sick JAMES!!!

  6. toilet paper Says:

    this shit was cray

  7. markassbuster Says:


  8. John Says:

    Kid is nice..kee them comin..keep reppn nyc nd stay on them blades

  9. charles Says:

    What? p25 never had a chancehaha ick stuff jp

  10. Nick Says:

    Smooth..stylish..is this kid am?? Sick edit dude keep doing what you do. -nick

  11. Sammy Says:

    Nick same question haha.. 450 back? Nice

  12. davengo Says:

    Unfortunately he was put on USD for a split second but after Demetrious George came off his position as manager and someone else took charge they never gave James the spotlight he deserves. Its bullshit. James deserves to be recognized for his skating more than anyone in NYC right now. I know for a fact like 30 kids bought thrones cause of James… guess he’ll be sending kids to get Valos now. Just look at him he makes me want some.

  13. nick Says:

    Davengo I agree with you, I seen edits of james before nd yhere sick,hes going to aswell ..he deserves the exposure..keep doing it meng nd usd eff yeah!! Nd eff them for not noticing talent especially in ny…

  14. donald trump Says:

    i have seen edits on here recently of people who deserve sponsorship more than this dude, no disrespect it was a good one day edit. Ive just seen this kid lace the same tricks on similiar obstacles since ive seen edits of him. He needs to branch out of the small ledges and cookie cutter obstacles, do a gap or something…

  15. Props Says:

    Well donald trump can u read hes been busy with life n he finally puts them blades on n these r the clips!! O.O!! That to seems he got those tricks on smash yoo…i know in the next edit u will eat the cookie curb..james u nice my nigga i know this is light kiid!

  16. DaTruth Says:

    Smh there is always that one that brings negativity…i agree this seems light clips for him…jelousy n hate r both love too…james that was lace.

  17. papier toilette Says:

    i know who donald trump is just by the words he used.. lol your such a hater.
    and who is better than james recently? and please do not say pablo

  18. PabloMunoz Says:

    edit was great bro, and @papier toilet keep my name out ya mouth lmao.. kuz your names deff not in mines.

  19. papier toilette Says:

    “Donald trump” is jesus medina.

  20. papier toilette Says:

    @failblo keep my dick out yours

  21. PabloMunoz Says:

    lmao lets start by saying idk who you are and you know who i am… thats enough to say you got my dick in your mouth, you hide your name cause you scared to show who you are since all you do is talk shit about peoples edits,your intitled to your own opinion as so is everyone else if you think i suck let it be just dnt go commenting my name on other peoples edits like commmmon thats just stupid, and i do agrree james is better than me an i dont diserve no sponcership nor do i want one and i skate for my self not top be better than anyone.

  22. papier toilette Says:

    im the real papier toilette and i suspected someone else. but yeah maybe it is jesus. the world will never know.

    and yeah, Mr.Pablo, i just checked my mouth and there is no dick in there. and how could i not know who you are? your edit is just under this one…..
    and also, if i put my real name what difference would it make? your really going to try and hurt me/fight me for saying your name? are we back in the stone age? “commmmmon”

  23. donald trump Says:

    wow, I just was commenting to people who were mad james lost sponsorship, i was just stating my OPINION on why he is not sponsored anymore, and how I think they’re are others in NY who deserve it more, that is it, no hate on James edit because it was dope.

  24. Mal ashby Says:

    Dope shit James, very creative way of skating that park indeed.
    Craig seriously, you need to delete the comments option off this site. The hate from secret haters is getting out of line and really uncalled for on a rollerblading media site based out of NYC.

  25. malikashbyisafuckinposer Says:

    Malik Shut up your the biggest example of a dick riding no one who bothered usd till they said fuck it and gave you some skates your edit put NY to shame you hit one rail and could only do that cause there was a ramp to it you think your slick and all but really you should practice cooking burgers cause if you dont go to school and keep thinkin skating will get you somewhere all youll be sayin the is do you want fries with that BITCH

  26. davengo Says:

    First of all, James didn’t “LOSE” his sponsorship, he got dicked over. Two separate things. Does he care? No. He’s out pursuing an education. Half this edit was on that shitty ass rail so what the fuck are you talking about skating only ledges. He’s has pulled more full cab tricks on down rails in one day then I’ve seen half you fags do on ledges in years.The beauty of all this is that I know he’s reading these shitty ass comments of him and he’s just laughing and keeping to himself cause he’s nice like that.

    Do I look like I’m on James dick? I don’t give a fuck he’s my boy. I’d hold down any of you if I respected you except your all futureless. He’s talented and creative and you fags been trying to hold him down since day one cause he’s better than you. He barely skates and can still out skate you and as far as I’m concerned, out class you.

    And if Trump really is Jesus Medina then that’s a tragedy. How the mighty have fallen.

  27. donald trump Says:

    this is jesus dumbass i havnt rollerbladed in like 2 years.
    you stated your opinion about james being most deserving in nyc right now for sponsorship, i simply disagreed. Because I am not riding his jock you start ranting like a jealous pre menstruating little slut. Malik is another case of someone who seriously should not be sponsored, Demetrios George ran USD’s and rollerbladings image to the ground with the groms he was sponsoring. Your going to group fish and franco, the only other 2 sponsored bladers in nyc with malik ashby LOL when did you start rollerblading like 2009? If you cant see whats wrong with that quit rollerblading now.

  28. donald trump Says:

    this isnt jesus i meant to say why are you assuming im the second coming?

  29. davengo Says:

    So you are not Jesus Medina. Great.

    I didn’t say a word about Malik. Frankly you should leave him out of this cause it’s James edit. Not his.

    Franco and Fish are both seasoned professionals and seem to be doing good. Im happy for the both of them and they deserve everything they get. I didn’t realize I was being irrational by saying James deserves some love not only for his abilities on blades but for his character off blades. He’s a good kid and doesn’t need to be put down by anyone. Im actually pissed because you think he’s some ledge kid from the middle of no where when he can shit all over your face with just one skate on. Nah man he’s been holding it down for a while now and I actually have the honor to skate with him often and he’s such a huge motivation to the way I skate also. I don’t even really see where you are going with this because guys like you shoveling shit onto the only few hopes NYC has is the reason why no one likes skating anymore. IROLLNY was made so the whole city can have somewhere to put their shit up so their friends and family can see and be proud of them. You are shitting all over that. Some of them aren’t great most of the time but they are all awesome to watch. Are there other great skaters from NYC that should be sponsored? Sure, I can think of a few right now. Jose Henriquez from the Bronx kills it. He always has a smile on his face when he skates and that’s some pretty important shit. He makes skating look fun as fuck. Evan Grimball also kills it he should of been on Remz along time ago. Sebastian and Damian Michalski but you never even heard of those two. There’s a bunch of Queens kids that are also dope but this is an edit on James. Where do you come off spouting this garbage from? Who do you think you are trying to drop some knowledge?

    And also, what are YOU from 2008? Do you really not know who I am? I’ve been skating for fucking ten years now and I’m still young enough to bang your little sister. Fortunately for me skating is JUST a hobby and don’t ever really get caught up in the politics of this bullshit. You want me to quit? I don’t even skate often enough to be called a rollerblader anymore so relax. I spend all my time dropping hammers at the bank by cashing fucking checks.

  30. donald trump Says:

    holy fuck your gay im not reading any of that but you should grab some tampons before you splurge blood all over your fruitboots bro, dude cannot handle an opinion that deviates from his own…

  31. donald trump Says:

    damn 30 posts congrats james u da mannnn maybe davengo will give you a surpise blowjob after school special status

  32. davengo Says:

    Yeah. The beauty of anonymity is big-balls syndrome.

    Speaking of which has anyone ever gone to Salem Massachusetts? There’s a person there who’s life I want to ruin cause he really doesn’t know who I am.

  33. davengo Says:

    And fucking ill burn down all of Connecticut also fuck you son.

  34. papier toilette Says:

    james- you’re good and a nice dude
    dave- you’re a cool dude and also very good at rollerblading
    malik- you’re a very cool guy but your skating good use some polishing
    pablo- commmmmmmon
    trump- you’re gay as fuck and deserves to get a 2 dicks in your moms butt.
    the papier toilette impostor- you’re also gay as fuck for trying to impersonate me.

  35. Lmfao Says:

    Smh james ur nice n ur young ur tricks will evolve way better wich should be kool to watch more cuz ur tricks look perfect already…as for as from the hate smh dude jesus is almost 40 b a pops or something ur time is over ..let james rock out not block out.

  36. Chris Says:

    Whoa I was watching james edit. Its great.good filming, good editing..guys stop with the comments..kids ill… Jp I dont know you but let your feet talk for you..

  37. Kray Kray Says:

    I’m a faggot who can’t post under my real name because it’s hard to type with so many dicks in or around my mouth and in my ass. I wish I skated as good as James and everyone else in NYC. Please put all your big dicks in me. Thanks.

  38. John Says:


  39. Jesus Medina Says:

    This is my first time opening the comments, you guys are all way too out of line. This edit had lots of cool tricks and style.

  40. Jesus Medina Says:

    keep me out of the name bashing

  41. davengo Says:

    Sorry dude, but we had figured it out it wasn’t you it’s some fag from Connecticut.

    My bad.

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