Ramelle Knight “Flatlines Drop” Box Clips

“Flatlines Drop featuring the grittiest that the city has to offer- a two-faced PVC box in the heart of the lower east side. The new Dre Powell Razor SL skates as seen on Ramelle Knight and Jose Henriquez is now available at Flatlines” – Adonis Taylor.


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14 Responses to “Ramelle Knight “Flatlines Drop” Box Clips”

  1. toilet paper Says:

    i usually hate ramelle’s skating but that last clip was pretty cray

  2. Toilet Paper Burning Says:

    Hate all you wan’t. Who Cares.

  3. Alex Says:

    good shit like always

  4. buklau Says:

    my man ramelle!

  5. toilet paper Says:

    how am i hating? i just said it was pretty cray you fag

  6. jashR Says:


  7. R. Knight Says:

    Hahahaha @jashR The box is dope man, It just needs some new pvc and it’s good to go! Thanx for building it homie & Thanks to everyone as well. Much Love.


  8. donald trump Says:

    o shit ramelle top 6!

  9. Kray Kray Says:

    “kray” is in reference to the Kray brothers, british gangsters who were almost impossible to capture for years. “ball so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me, but first they have to find me.”. “kray” doesn’t mean crazy even though one of the brothers was ‘crazy’…aka i’m a big faggot.

  10. davengo Says:

    270 back royale to full cab soyale was crazy!!!

    and alley pop mizou revert top acid too bananas!!!

  11. toilet paper Says:

    ok mr kray kray, you are kray

  12. thisshitsucks Says:

    this was too lame lol
    how can this be taken seriously?
    miszuo tricks still?
    this isnt 1131 this is 2011 cut that wack shit out already Mr.Dipskate pro top 5 best in the world lmfao.

  13. toilet paper Says:


  14. Jan Teurlinckx Says:

    OK so to thisshitsucks and toilet paper My REAL NAME IS JAN and Im going step to the both of you like a man right quick the talent in New York consists of Ramelle my older brother Jose my younger brother Ralphy the nicest kid youll meet John stephens Jesus and a handful of people who roll with us you have no idea what these ATHLETES are capable of because flat out you arent in our crew your probably on the internet more than your skates so next time your in the city and see me I’ll be the Whitest kid with them come say somthin I dont fight people but im tired of people frontin on my family their talent isnt seen because they arent pompous assholes who throw up half assed edits everything they do is quality and to better our sport Again come say somthin if your really so opinionated cause i swear to god i’ll beat you in a game of skate snuff you take your skates and make you walk home im tired of no ones talkin against people who embody our sport to the fullest come on with it PLEASE

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