Pablo Munoz 2011 Part 2

Filmed and edited by Edwin Urena.


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31 Responses to “Pablo Munoz 2011 Part 2”

  1. CJ Says:

    Big props to my bro Pablo, his progressing so fast and looks like he really enjoying what he does call blading!!! Keep rolling..

  2. davengo Says:


    sweaty 3 out.

    top acid true savvy.

    360 acid

    wtf all was so good!

  3. Dj Says:

    Niceee !

  4. Jesus Medina Says:


  5. donald trump Says:

    lol at the last trick

  6. Chauncey Jenkins Says:

    dis was bad bcuz he shood learnt to skate before trying tricks. He looks mads sloppie.

  7. JAYBEE (FROM L.E.S.) Says:

    This was straight trash mah nigga you skate like a lil’ 5 year old. I know you got betta style.

  8. davengo Says:

    Damn you all are haters. This kid fucking sweat stances the harlem kink and you guys still have shit to say.

  9. Just Me Says:

    Nice edit man.

  10. MigZ Says:

    How does this possibly get bad feedback? big props to my boy pablo

  11. Chris Kolodziej Says:

    SIck man!

  12. CJ Says:

    Come on, he only has 3 years skating. Stop hating, and appreciate to not put Chauncey Jebkins as a comment.. Bc am the real Chauncey Jenkins. And Big shout out to my boy Edthirteen for the editing, boy got Skilz!!! And show Much love to NYC!!!!!

  13. LOSO Says:

    good ish my dude fck the haters! i enjoy watching you skate my dude keep them coming!

  14. mkey roman Says:

    wavy! good shit

  15. jeff Mateo Says:

    sweaty on the kink rail man. wtf. Kid is nice and has unique style. stay up breh

  16. CMonnnnnnn Says:

    All i have to say is really? This is some 2001 skating. Get with the program hammers arent going to get you in buddy!

  17. David Toro Says:

    Dope edit, dude got hops.

  18. cool guy Says:

    this was pretty good but you do look like your about to collapse while skating

  19. PabloMunoz Says:

    lmao ya guys are funny putting fake names, let my style not be nice, ya aint paying me to skate so idc… and the guy that said 2001 skating… SHUT UP, hammers over little small gay ledges… THEN AGAIN I SMILE at ya negativity. Thanks for the good feedback to those who gave it, and the guys who talking shit can battle me in any spot of your choice, holla

  20. Alex Says:

    good shit and fuck all them haters !!!

  21. conartistbrand Says:

    Good shit. Improvements since I last saw some clips of you. That makio to royal was super legit, and the 360 acid line on the ledges was boss. Sweaty 3 out on the line ledges was also laced to shit. Keep rollin’ man. I will take hammers over “new school” shit any day.

  22. JAYBEE Says:

    yo P its the real jaybee the black jaybee dat other nigga trying to make me seem like a hater its cool tho cuz i will catch that person and i will BEAT THE DOG SHYT OUT OF WHO EVER BELIEVE THAT BRO ….. BY THE WAY I SEEN PART ON I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A PART TWO …… THAT SHYT JUST MADE ME WANT TO SKATE HARD BODY RIGHT NOW TRUE SHYT

  23. Laquan Richardson Says:

    Nice shit! Slacker!!! never down to skate with the homie anymore! Keep killing shit tho!

  24. Dj Says:

    For advice I’d say maybe you could put more creativity like that makio to royal shit but this edit was beast overall

  25. JASH NYC Says:

    woow thats how our sport is smh NO LoVE good shit pablo enjoy the skate

  26. mal ashby Says:

    muh fuckn killa!

  27. evan g Says:

    haha good shit.i want to make another edit now

  28. you gay Says:

    dis kid sk8s like he got a dikk up his ass

  29. PabloMunoz Says:

    ^lmao ya dont even know what to say anymore

  30. crack Says:

    pablo the man …

  31. papier toilette Says:


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