Malik Ashby SUAS Interview

“Malik Ashby is a progressive blader. I say that because every time you skate with him he laces something new each time. He starts off each session shaking hands and smiling but shortly after once the iPod play button is pressed he quietly goes through the motions of his expanding and stylish trick vocabulary. Malik spreads the word about USD everywhere he goes as well which is necessary while representing one of the biggest companies in rollerblading. Even though it seems he is constantly being criticized he keeps a level head and keeps on blading as part of the future of the growing NYC scene” – SUAS. Read the full interview on ShutUpAndSkate.

SUAS: You just dropped a fresh new edit right in time for the holiday season and you have clips in pretty much every edit coming out of NYC. What are you building towards with all the work that you are putting in with the blades?
MA: I started roll’n for fun and I’m still just doing this to have fun basically.

SUAS: How do you feel about the current resurgence of the NYC blading scene?
MA: I just love that there is mad f#^&ing new bladers because every park you roll in NYC there’s always someone to teach or learn from.

SUAS: Where do you see rollerblading 10 years from now?
MA: With all the advance technology Powerslide is creating, I see rollerbooting becoming more of an everyday lifestyle for people who don’t even roll now.

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11 Responses to “Malik Ashby SUAS Interview”

  1. toilet paper Says:

    nice, released just in time to give an excuse for a crappy edit.

  2. jm Says:

    suck dick you waste of life no good untouchable coward. If i had a gun and could track your ip address to a nearby location I would rape your kids and wife. fuck you hayter

  3. toilet paper Says:

    you so crazy

  4. New York Says:

    Malik you seriously have the biggest ego and the swag you try to put into your skating comes out looking half assed and sloppy your not c.k. or s.k. stop hitting little ass rails and tapping ledges and learn how to really roll. You skate more than any person in New York and as some one who see’s you all the time that edit was horrible on all levels skating editing lifestyle the whole thing made me think wow why does this kid get anything for free for promoting Flatlines? theres skaters 100 times better with less attitude that could promote for them take this as constructive critisizm man because your really cocky for someone who cant even skate rails.

  5. New York Says:

    And knowing you your gonna come back hard like a gangster telling me its all about fun but when your “sponsored” then you have a responsibility to at least make the stuff you do look good so people want to emulate you and buy the stuff after that edit you made carbons look like a beginner skate because that what the edit looked like sorry man not hating just educating. So don’t trip over this think about it your a good skater but you gotta try harder and swag less then you’ll shine dude.

  6. New York Says:


  7. MigZ Says:

    so i assume no one can skate for fun anymore? mal is a chill dude, you wanna represent new york… wheres ur edit?

  8. Christiain Says:

    I think the irony behind the fact that this interview was put on SHUT UP AND SKATE should have yielded less complaining comments.

  9. maximosis Says:

    bums me out that You see him all the time “NEW YORK” but you don’t use your real name.

  10. New Yorkerrrrrr. Says:

    Baby shit.

  11. Nameless unsponsored no one with an opinion Says:

    Yeah hes real chill only skating with pros when there in town name dropping all over the place and just because i see him dosent mean he sees me or knows me so why use my name so wheres my edit? no where cause im not a sponsored skater with people expecting things from me you can skate for fun by all means why else do it but this kid aint chill he’s a pro hoe ask adrien anne lol hahahaha he stayed glued to him in ny anything else you can all just keep to yourselves cause rolling aint shit its fun but not worth this crap i just found him getting an interview was undeserved

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