B.Unique Underground Skatepark 2005

“The soundtrack to this video has been taken off YouTube for a few years now and its about time I uploaded the original video again. This is footage from the grand opening of the B.Unique skatepark “Underground” in brooklyn, ny plus footage from a few late night after sessions” – Austin Paz.


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10 Responses to “B.Unique Underground Skatepark 2005”

  1. Joseph vargas Says:

    Damn my Biggs Jon morciglio used to kill it at this park !!!!

  2. Joseph vargas Says:


  3. Alex Says:

    billy killed it with the 720

  4. davengo Says:

    good times.

  5. Ricky Rivera Says:

    yo that place was the shit i wish it was still open

  6. JaketheRod Says:

    wow. Ny went hard on this one, good shit. XRAMPS! this spot needs to reopen.

  7. AnthonyLee Says:

    I thought Jeph Howard was gonna fly into the brooklyn night with that giant cape he was wearing.

  8. timR Says:

    pivots….big shirts….remember the days

  9. fetemusic Says:

    What happened to [b] unique and the brown brothers?

  10. JayBeEasy Says:

    does anyone know the address to this skate parl?

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