L.E.S. Box Competition Photos by Sam DeAngelis

John Stephens – Negative Makio. Photo: Sam DeAngelis.

Check out the photos from the L.E.S. Box Competition that went down earlier this month. Photographer Sam DeAngelis caught all of the big tricks that went down. See all of the photos below.

Judges Ryan Many, Ryan Loewy, and Eric Estrada

Trevor Johnson – Tru top acid

Mikey Roman – Misfit

Malik Ashby – Topsoul

Jose Henriquez – AO Fish

Comp organizer Jordan Baez

John Stephens – Top mistrial

Joey Lunger – AO miszou

Jeremiah Dougherty – Backside backslide

Jeff – Fishbrain

Jose Henriquez – Wheel barrel

Hector Rodriguez – Jumping mid topsoul

Austin Croteau – Truspin fishbrain

John Stephens – Negative makio

Angelo Ferrer – Topsoul transfer truspin soul

Christopher DeJesus

Malik Ashby bottle flipping.

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