Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #12

“I would never in a million years fathom anyone attempting this trick. Back in April of this year the Valo team came into NYC to film for Valo “Five.” I contacted Jon Julio to see what his plans were and he replied with an invitation to come out for the day and shoot with the team. As I met the guys at LES park they were already scoping the area for tricks.

Erik Bailey was checking out this huge gap to ledge and decided he would charge it at full speed. The first couple of attempts ended with him rolling like a log across the blacktop for ten feet but somehow coming out unscathed each time. Finally, after setting up my flashes, I caught this shot just in time. He flew at this Disaster Mute Grab to Back Royale as Victor Arias caught the clip. This shot was taken with my Canon T2i at 1/160, f6.3, 400, with flashes placed bottom left and top right” – Sam DeAngelis.


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10 Responses to “Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #12”

  1. Mitchell Goosin Says:

    hell yea bailey is raw dog

  2. Jesus Medina Says:


  3. real Says:

    ^^ says the guy that did it first

  4. cooler guy Says:

    eriK bailey is the fucking man!

  5. callmeahater Says:

    This is a horrible photograph. Why is the light post and buildings in the background out of focus with jagged edges? If you are going to call yourself a photographer and do any type of retouching, at least mask out the random cheese doodles and empty bottles on the stairs. Better yet you should had just removed them before shooting. I don’t even want to start on how bad the lighting is.

    Nonetheless, Bailey is the fucking man for trying that trick.

  6. MigZ Says:

    its not even that serious dude….

  7. callmeahaterhater Says:

    I mean come on guys, this is AWFUL! It’s like nobody did Bailey’s makeup, his stylist fucked up in choosing his plaid, it doesn’t match the color of the paint on the ledge, wtf!??! The soda and water bottles are laying PERPENDICULAR, who does that? All hydration in blading pics should be placed PARALLEL in foreground of shots. Don’t even get me started on that V he is doing with his right had, does he think he is Spock? Is Erik Bailey best friends with WIlliam Shatner? I think not, this is completely an unacceptable finger placement for a so-called “professional” rollerblading photo.

    Nonetheless, Bailey is the fucking man for trying that trick.

  8. callmeahater Says:

    Reasons as to why rollerblading will never be taken seriously.
    The skaters are comfortable with half-assed representation as long as it’s their friends doing it.

    If you’re going to be shooting ads for companies or submitting work to sites, you would think someone try to critic and give advice on what is being done wrong. But no body does because if you do any type of critiquing, you will just be called a hater.

    Not only addressing this photo by the way, but every bad photo or edit in general.

    Keep up the bad work guys. *thumbs up*

  9. Zeke Kubinski Says:

    😆 ^^^^

  10. kw Says:

    ^ funniest post I’ve read in a long time.

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