LES Box Session: “A Epic Moment Goes Down”

Featuring Nigel Hosang, Arismendy Canela, Chris Santiago, Jash Ruiz, and more. Filmed and edited by Michelangelo Gonzalez.

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10 Responses to “LES Box Session: “A Epic Moment Goes Down””

  1. lol Says:

    AN epic moment

  2. Ooo O spagetti Oss Says:


  3. Meh Says:

    everyone killed it but that gay super slomo ruined it and so did that gay flipthescript music

  4. buklau Says:

    lmaooo super sloomo sucked but that tru top soul was on point tho. who was that anyway?

  5. cool cat Says:

    The slow mo was super neat it sound like thunder

  6. Jake Says:

    TRU TOP SOUL !!!!!

  7. jordan baez Says:

    I filmed the good stuff! The other stuff was poorly filmed!

  8. Will J Says:

    It was epic! Longest TTS ever! Lol

  9. AustinCroteau Says:

    wait, the epic moment was a tts? LMAO.

  10. buklau Says:

    austin u fool lol

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