Daymian Ruiz at Pier 25

“A short 1 minute edit of New Era Skate Teams Daymian Ruiz skating pier 25 skatepark in manhattan. Been skating since he was 2 and hes now 9 years old. SOOOO let the hate begin guys cuz thats what yall love to do. Filmed and Edited by Harison Hadzovic” – Harison Hadzovic.

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6 Responses to “Daymian Ruiz at Pier 25”

  1. Mitchell Goosin Says:

    That was way better than expected, I could see this kid blowing up if he continues to skate, he already has some style for such a little dude! LOL at his skates almost being up to his knees.

  2. Young Blood: Domenik Koch (11), Tony Hoggan (10) & Daymian Ruiz (9) Says:

    […] Daymian Ruiz (9) At Pier 25 (Manhattan) Filmed and Edited by Harison Hadzovic (via). […]

  3. Bruno delrio Says:

    this was pretty awesome!

  4. keith Says:

    this kid is beast. there are a lot new skaters comming up! first skyriderz and now this kid! good stuff

  5. Daymian ''Swag'' Ruiz Says:

    I Hate The 540

  6. Narong Says:

    wow.. that’s whats up. keep up the skating lil man

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