Freeze Fame: Andy Brinker #2

“Thursday night, September 22nd, while I was making a beer run, Austin Croteau called me to let me know that he was in my neighborhood and that he wanted to blade. Never one to pass up on a session I met up with Austin and our friend Con at the local 7/11. After getting my basic point and shoot camera and digital slave flash, along with the beer I originally intended to get, we made our way to the MTA bus depot in the Bensonhurst, Brooklyn area. The depot is surrounded by yellow barriers all in great condition but with a horrible cracked up cement floor. We went inside the depot’s parking lot where a barrier and container are used to divide the entrance and exit of the lot. The parking lot provided a smooth pavement approach to the barrier making this the ideal spot of the night.

Austin and myself have talked about shooting a photo at this location before and that night was the night that we actually made it happen. As Austin was warming up and as I was setting up, I suggested that he try to grind from the barrier to the container. After a few attempts, a few misses, and a few delayed flashes, I was able to catch Austin at the perfect moment as his topside foot grinded through the barrier to the container. This was a difficult shot to get as I was shooting with a basic digital camera that did not allow me to control the shutter speed, but thanks to Austin and his consistency I was able to get the timing right” – Andy Brinker.


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One Response to “Freeze Fame: Andy Brinker #2”

  1. Mitchell Goosin Says:

    love your work brink!

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