Justin Brasco WheelScene Interview

“If you are reading this and wondering why you have never heard of Justin Brasco, fear not. The New York blader rarely appears in online edits and if you blinked while watching either of The Truth videos by Austin Paz and the Kelso brothers, you probably missed him. Brasco is the muscular guy that appears in the montage sections and lands some bloody hard tricks. This is not particularly surprising, as there are talented new skaters popping up all the time that show a lot of promise. It’s the fact that he skates the same obstacles as the profiled skaters and manages to land much better tricks, which indicates that we may have witnessed another east coast legend in the making without realising it” – Wheel Scene. Read the full interview here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Justin Brasco: I’m 27, which is the new 21, and I feel better than I did at 16. I’ve been skating for about 13-14 years – almost half of my life. I skate for USD, Undercover and Casualty. I’m living in Massapequa with some friends. It’s an hour outside of Manhattan, in the suburbs, with a tight skate scene and it’s close to the beach. I can’t complain.

How did you get into rollerblading?
Back when I first started, around ‘97, I was living in Brooklyn and, unlike Long Island, it was real big and very diverse. There were tonnes of kids doing all different things. My neighbours were a lot older and skateboarded all day, smoked pot and listened to Rage against the Machine. They had girls that would just sit back and stare while they attempted kickflips for hours. At the time, I was a 4ft loner and idolised them. Skateboarding wasn’t my thing, so my parents bought me some cheesy recreational blades from the store. I rolled around a bunch, jumping chairs and garbage cans in my backyard, until I felt comfortable to hit the street with my boys. I had friends from all over Brooklyn that skated. They were killing it and made me want to start so bad. I tossed my skates and went out and got some Rollerblade Chocolates, and from there I couldn’t stop.

I have seen a few clips of you in //The Truth// videos but other than that there hasn’t been much footage of you floating around. Where have you been hiding?
For awhile, I fell off. I was stressing about my future, girlfriends, school and life in general. I put skating aside, and when I skated it didn’t feel the same. It wasn’t fun anymore. Luckily, life started to fall into place a little better and I realised I can’t take life too seriously. I got back out there and started skating a lot more. I began skating a lot to film for The Truth DVDs. While doing this, I saw Fish (Billy O’Neill), (Austin) Paz, the Kelsos and everyone just going all out and killing it. They were so determined and loved skating. It made me realise I needed to focus more and give skating my all because I love it so much.

Source: http://www.wheelscene.co.uk


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