Daniel Irizarry & Troy Hanner Pier 25 Edit

Featuring Daniel Irizarry and Troy Hanner. Edited by Daniel Irizarry.

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7 Responses to “Daniel Irizarry & Troy Hanner Pier 25 Edit”

  1. davengo Says:

    that back unity cess to soul at pier 25 was fucking dope.

  2. hungry Says:

    my nigga you gotta get some groceries

  3. umyea Says:

    umm yea? this is what that guy Troy is about?

  4. Daniel Real Man Irizarry Says:

    umm no.! troys about way more , he had more clips < but obviously ppl is already on his dick ( UMYEA)

  5. Will J Says:

    Great edit Danny! I barely recognize you with the hair though lol

  6. umyea Says:

    cmon Dan u ever heard of locking on your tricks?

  7. somedude Says:

    i skated with this troy dude and lemme say this his good , great style amazing set of tricks , hes beast , his rail game is serious though i will say that

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