Last Man Standing 2011 Results

Photo: Adonis Taylor

Congratulations to winners Franco Cammayo, Chauncey Jenkins, and Jose Henriquez for placing top three in this year’s Last Man Standing contest.

Last Man Standing 2011 Results
First place: Franco Cammayo
Second place: Chauncey Jenkins
Third Place: Jose Henriquez


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8 Responses to “Last Man Standing 2011 Results”

  1. Dj Says:

    They All Violated !

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  4. angel Says:

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    Me cave man me have sleeping bags and need place to stay. Me have friend and we need place to stay long time. We take shower and want space. Me need 2 weeks in your house.

  7. Will J Says:

    Spageti. That was ignorant. Congrats to Ribs coming in a strong third! And to Chancey and Franco as well.

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