Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy #2

“On a rather warm night back in February, I headed downtown towards the infamous marble ledges to meet up with friends Dave Ngo, Joey Rojas, and a few others. As typical NYC sessions go, the numbers would soon rise and I found myself in a larger group of rollerbladers, some of which I didn’t know. After being kicked out of marble we headed over to the Chase ledge, where one of the unfamiliar faces in the group caught my eye by trying a back royale to pole bonk out. I soon learned that it was Dan Bradham of Long Island. He had a few more goes at it before getting tired of it and headed over to these smaller rails. I decided to set up my flash at camera left so that the reflections on the steps would lead you right to him, and using a slower shutter speed to create more of a blur. Dan started off with a royale for warm up, then a backslide to stir the pot, and then ended it with a nice front savannah that you see here” – Ryan Loewy.


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17 Responses to “Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy #2”

  1. FUCK THIS Says:

    This is fucking embarrassing. I DON’T GET WHY YOU CAN’T PUT OUT GOOD CONTENT. NYC is full of TALENT. This guy is actually good though. When you have a blog or publication it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you only put out QUALITY shit.

  2. I Roll NY Says:


  3. joey rojas Says:

    i was mentioned… in… irollny!

  4. FUCK THIS Says:

    I can’t even explain how much this pisses me off. Grow some dignity whoever is running this half assed shit. Be like me and make posts from anonymous aliases to gain some respect for NYC!

  5. nyg Says:

    if people in nyc were to actually put out “good content” then this site would be filled with it.
    but sadly this is the the best nyc puts out (excluding some which are actually really talented).
    if the bad content of nyc were to be put on irollny,
    rollerblading would seize to exist within a couple of days
    you my friend are a turd, start your own website and see how long you last you fag.
    sincerely, NYG

  6. davengo Says:

    I dunno about you guys but if ever actually looked at that rail it’s quite scary to even top soul, let alone savannah.

  7. FUCK THIS Says:


    AND NYG… Check out <—– That's what the fuck is up.

  8. nyg Says:…………….. lolololol
    im not even going to say anything to avoid your response
    you are a grade A sausage link my friend

  9. Ooo O spagetti Oss Says: cant figure out what they want to represent they want to locate themselves in NYC for street credit, All the while showing everyone from other places and have yet to show 10 nyc skaters in there website as well as lack of posting nyc links on there page so – called NYC. Although there are not many other NYC sites i can think of that do justice to the scene, The job will always be harder for the person doing it then the person typing shit like me.

  10. davengo Says:

    Okay, I will learn how to blade. You coming?

  11. FUCK THIS Says:

    Um. I’m pretty sure they represent rollerblading. 80% of the content is in NYC. Featuring all kinds of skaters. It’s stupid to even argue because is obviously an awesome online publication. If you think being in NYC gives you street cred in the rolling scene you are way mistaken. They would be in AZ. CA. CO. TX. AL. MN. Pretty much anywhere but NYC. Staten Island and Long Island aren’t even part of NYC. IRollNY uses so much content from the outer areas of NY so what’s the difference? Skatelife doesn’t claim to be NYC skatings spokesperson as far as I know. They just happen to be run out of NYC. Before this, Shawn was running Rejects. Before that Radius media. Wherever that dude is he is making rollerblading look ill. Hate on it if you want, we all know hating is the number one past time for bladers. My only goal here is to maybe inspire those running this site to not post a photo of a good skater hitting a baby ass rail. MY POINT IS THAT THAT FUCKING KID RIPS ON BLADES AND YOU PUT UP A STUPID FUCKING PHOTO OF HIM HITTING A TINY RAIL. peace.

  12. nyg Says:

    ^your an idiot lol
    what are you arguing? irollny did not put that pic up, be-mag did. and who said anything about street cred?
    and for the record i am not hating on skatelife, they are doing good and putting out edits with some of my friends in them so im happy with that but you are just out of line coming on here trying to bash irollny and promote
    check yourself before you wreck yourself fool


    thats fuckin gay

  14. hmmmm Says:

    its blurry

  15. FUCK THIS Says:

    Whatever. If you read what I wrote I said there is no point in arguing. Promoting skatelife? I’m just pointing something out. It’s not a big deal. But in all reality… shouldn’t NEW YORK CITY have the dopest everything out there? I see irollny having a huge following! So do something super ill with it. And they did allow this picture to run regardless of be-mag who puts out a fuck ton of media. No hate seriously. I said the kid rips, just be a little more picky when you show our sport to the public. I love rolling. I love NY. I love irollny, or rather what it could be. I’m not bashing anything, just pointing out obvious facts. The photo is off axis. The rail is small. The shit is blurry. The kid in it is a good blader and should be shown doing something rad.

  16. hmmmm Says:

    FUCK THIS is a homothug

  17. davengo Says:

    The ghost that live on south 4th.

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