Tyron Ballantine NYC Edit

“I met Tyron Ballantine last February on my very unprepared last minute adventure to Winterclash. Erick Rodriguez and I both bought tickets to Amsterdam two days prior to leaving with no real plan in front of us. Upon arrival we found ourselves lost, homeless, and cold with thousands of dollars worth of equipment along with massive amounts of clothes in bags. Realizing we had nowhere to sleep, we spent a night in a hostel and decided we would find a skate park the very next day and try our luck. After getting lost and being given the wrong directions by a local, who we’d later find was setting us up to be robbed in the hood, a young girl on the train saved us and showed us the right way. Thank you random girl. We’d be f*%#$d if it weren’t for you” – Ryan Many.



3 Responses to “Tyron Ballantine NYC Edit”

  1. josh diaz Says:

    give the credit where you found the story bro

  2. Shawn Engler Says:

    http://www.skatelife.tv . Taking shenanigans and make brownies since the day you where born!

  3. Ray Mendez Says:

    Well done.

    That kid is ill…

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